Below is a collection of all shotty releases. Up through the Superfan era, all of these were recorded, mixed, and produced by Pat Moon in his basement in Kirkland, WA (except for “Ah Here We Go” which was recorded by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios in Seattle, and the song “Ass” which was recorded at the Kirkland Teen Center by our friend).

Instrumental phase

shotty demo (instrumental) [2004]

Early years

shotty demos [2005] (unreleased)

123crazytime [2006]

AAAAH! (shotty in the morning) [2007]

The Face of Evil [2008]

Side 2 (the secret album) [2008] (unreleased)

B-Sides (The Face of Evil) [2008] (unreleased)

Five-piece phase

Nothing Is Not Awesome Never [2008]

Ah Here We Go [2009]

Keeping It Real (demos) [2009]

Superfan era


Kiss My Teeth era

2012 EP

Goodnight (single)

Kiss My Teeth Sessions 2013

Kiss My Teeth B-sides (unreleased)

Moving to LA

I’m Glad It’s Over / So Long

Little Lady Death

Live Laugh Dream

This is Where We Go (single)

Caramel (single)

I Wanna Get to Know You (single)

Upcoming full album
Upcoming b-sides album