Other Seattle Bands We Love

There are tons of amazing Seattle bands! Here are a few of our favorites. If you want to play a show with us, hang out with us, have us come see you play, or if you want us to write about your band, email us (shottylovesyou@hotmail.com).

The Hoot Hoots Seattle BandThe Hoot Hoots

Why we love The Hoot Hoots: We’ve played a couple of shows with The Hoot Hoots and every time it’s a blast! They have a great sound, lots of dynamics, and a fun and unique style.

Friends and Family Seattle BandFriends and Family

Why we love Friends and Family: I think there’s a little “Friends and Family” inside all of us. They are an 8-piece, crazy indie something rock something band! I don’t know what it is, but it’s huge, entertaining, and extremely lovable.

The Archelons Seattle BandThe Archelons

Why we love The Archelons: Crazy punk shoegaze with a hint of metal? Yes, please. The Archelons stir the vegetarian chili of my soul, and I will dip my tortilla in their tasty rock forever.

Fox and the Law Seattle BandFox and the Law

Why we love Fox and the Law: I am always blown away by Fox and the Law! They are some crazy dudes, and great friends. Epic guitar solos and boppy blues.

Jar of Rain Seattle BandJar of Rain

Why we love Jar of Rain: Holy cow! We’ve been friends with Jar of Rain since we were all wee lads. Ours is the kind of relationship where we’re constantly amazed by each other. We are probably each other’s biggest fans. They are amazing in every way!

Nouela Seattle BandNouela

Why we love Nouela: Hmmm… is “insanely good music” a good enough reason? Nouela is a total treat for the ears. It’s like giving your inner-artist a musical high five.

Fit For Hounds Seattle BandFit For Hounds

Why we love Fit For Hounds: Play their CD and you’ll find out. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge fan of “songs”. These guys bring it on the song front! Mmmm, tasty little bite size musical rock chunks with new-wave electronic rainbow sprinkles on top.

Pony Time Seattle BandPony Time

Why we love Pony Time: Pony Time, all the time! But seriously, I love Pony Time. The first time you hear them you’re like, “…”, followed by, “am I allowed to like this?” When you realize that, YEAH, you can like it, but only if you like it, then you’ll love it.

The Pharmacy Seattle BandThe Pharmacy

Why we love The Pharmacy: I have a soft spot for sweaty mosh pits, where the world fades away and everyone is floating in outer space together on a rainbow stage made of stardust. The Pharmacy did that to me, hard. I wish I could go back to rainbow land…

Hot Seat Seattle BandHot Seat

Why we love Hot Seat: If I could type out the sound of that one bass line, you would understand! But I can’t. Once again, Guy Keltner blurs the line between “blues rock” and “burrito pop”, but this time he does it with a colorful cast local ragamuffins.

The Grizzled Mighty Seattle BandThe Grizzled Mighty

Why we love The Grizzled Mighty: What if Jack White played at your favorite dive bar, but his name was Ryan and he was a big teddy bear? It’s happened to me. It’s called The Grizzled Mighty, and it’s amazing.

The Apollos Seattle BandThe Apollos

Why we love The Apollos: The first thing I noticed about The Apollos was their super cool artwork. The second thing I noticed was their super cool music. Floor rock at its best!

Fringe Shift Seattle BandFringe Shift

Why we love Fringe Shift: It’s the songs, man! Soooo fricken amazing. Their front man, Sawyer, has a great sense of melody. They blend flowery pop rock with screamy guitars and sometimes screamy vocals. Every time they write a new song I’m totally blown away. Definitely check these guys out.

The Mad Caps Seattle BandThe Mad Caps

Why we love The Mad Caps: The Mad Caps have a way of fulfilling all of my desires simultaneously. As soon as they start playing, I realize that I’ve seen so many bands that I wished were The Mad Caps, but without realizing it I had given up on my dreams… until The Mad Caps came along and did a fricken amazing job at being The Mad Caps.

Haunting Autumn Seattle BandHaunting Autumn

Why we love Haunting Autumn: They got up on stage and it was just piano, guitar, bass, and three pretty vocalists. But it was so much more! They filled the room with this haunting presence that was larger than life, and they totally captivated me. Every new note they played made me think, “yes!” Their flawless post-baroque took me to another world, and I couldn’t get back there soon enough.

Cold Water Theater Seattle BandCold Water Theater

Why we love Cold Water Theater: It’s like a waking dream of indie pop. It’s like wading through the water, if the water was made of stars. It’s like listening to that really quiet voice inside your head, if that voice was super loud. Few bands can accomplish the feat of being a “musical journey”, but Cold Water Theater totally nails it.

Joyfield Seattle BandJoyfield

Why we love Joyfield: They blew me away! I know I say that a lot, but sometimes awesome bands are just… awesome. They’re kinda rock, kinda pop, and to me they exemplified that unspeakable quality of band-performance-energy-musicalness that everyone strives for. Sometimes bands defy genres and definitions, and they just make you smile. Joyfield is always a blast!

The Crying Spell Seattle BandThe Crying Spell

Why we love The Crying Spell: Why we love Joyfield: How many ways are there to say “spot on”? Cause I could just list them all to describe what I think of The Crying Spell. They’re kinda gothy, kinda rocky, kinda synthy, kinda poppy. You know all those styles of music you love? They put them all together into one awesome rock band, and they’re totally spot on.